Terms & Conditions

All parties to this agreement are further bound and agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

  1. Breeding is good for 2023 breeding season only. Responsibility of mare owner to know said stallion’s breeding season months and collection dates.
  2. Specify by circling the breed of mare, AQHA or APHA or Grade.
  3. If not transported semen, mare is to be sound for breeding, checked by licensed veterinarian and has a clean certificate of health. This certificate to be presented to the owner of the stallion or stallion manager before said mare would be bred.
  4. This package is for BREEDING FEES ONLY and does not include mare care, boarding, chute fees, booking fees or transported semen fees. Charges including veterinarian, transportation, boarding, farrier and updated shots will be borne by mare owner. Same applies to transported semen. If available, all costs will be borne by the mare owner.
  5. That should the above stallion die or become unfit for breeding purposes and said mare has not been serviced by said stallion, then any moneys paid by mare owner to the NSHA Stallion Auction shall, upon proper verification of the above mentioned stallion owner, be given credit to purchase another stallion fee in the succeeding NSHA Stallion Services Auction. If credit balance remains, credit will be issued for the balance for the second year.
  6. Both buyer and stallion owner understand that breeding will not be honored if fee has not been paid in full prior to first shipment. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. Failure of buyer to pay service in full constitutes legal action by NSHA for breach of contract, and forfeiture to bid at future NSHA Stallion Service Auctions
  8. Stallion Service cannot be transferred without approval of stallion owner/owners, followed by notification of NSHA. Should approval by stallion owner be given to transfer, this contract existing between NSHA, stallion owner and buyer becomes null and void. The stallion owner will exercise every reasonable effort to settle mare and good judgment in care and supervision of mare.
  9. The stallion owner and/or the NSHA shall not be responsible or liable for any disease, accident, sickness and/or death to mare or foal and similarly, mare owner and or NSHA shall not be responsible or liable for any disease, accident, sickness and/or death to stallion.
  10. Each stallion owner will provide their own mare care and/or transported semen contract between themselves and the buyer of the breeding. It is also the responsibility of mare owner to know said stallion’s mare care and/or transported semen contract before breeding mare.
  11. The successful purchaser of the breeding hereby consents to NSHA affixing their name to this contract and by presentation of a mare pursuant to a stallion service which is sold through this program the mare owner agrees to all terms and conditions herein.

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